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Car Accidents

The Ontario accident legislation has grown more complex over the years and we can help make sure that you receive all the benefits and awards you are entitled to under the Insurance Law. Read More
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Disability Claims

Disability benefits may be available to those who purchased disability insurance through work or privately. You may be owed a short and long-term disability benefit in the event of an injury or disability that prevents you from working. Read More
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Slip and Fall

A slip and fall can happen so quickly, and the worst part is that most people have no idea about their rights in slip and fall accidents. The fact is that wherever a slip and fall occurs there is a chance that the environment was the responsibility of someone, and their neglect of environmental conditions may have led to your slip and fall. Read More
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Brain and Spinal Injuries

Approximately 50,000 Canadians experience brain and spinal injuries every year. This is an area of the law that is little known and most people have no idea how vast the entire range of brain and spinal injuries can be. Read More
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Commercial Litigation

We pay special attention to understanding the commercial objectives of our clients, and we help them reach those objectives in the most efficient and effective manner. Read More
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At GSK Personal Injury Law, we strive for excellence in advice, advocacy, litigation and client service. We pride ourselves in crafting the right solution for you and your loved ones no matter how complex your case is. When you or your loved ones have been injured as a result of someone’s negligence, you need a team that will commit to your case form the beginning to the end. Personal Injury is our specialty. Set up a FREE consultation with our specialists to find out how we can help you, AND remember only when we settle your case, we receive compensation for our work. It means you do not have to spend time or money because we take on the responsibility of your case at absolutely no charge to you up front. In accordance with Law Society’s requirements, our contingency fees can vary based on the severity of your injuries, but the maximum fee charged will be no more than 33%.